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TCGI is an innovative consulting firm specializing in development finance. Since 1994, we have provided comprehensive technical advice to businesses, development organizations, governments, and civil society on business finance, capital markets development, infrastructure and project finance, municipal finance, and trade and investment facilitation. Our consulting services focus on:

Policy & Planning.
We work to create enabling conditions that allow for the local development of market-based financial systems. TCGI specializes in assisting state and local governments to design and implement policy reforms for the privatization of municipal water and sanitation services. Over the past fifteen years, we have worked extensively in India to create a business, economic, legal, and regulatory environment that encourages private sector investments in environmental services. Our achievements include the introduction of double entry accounting, municipal bonds, and pooled municipal bonds. In the U.S. we provide community revitalization and planning services to local housing authorities.

Program Implementation & Management.
TCGI also offers comprehensive program implementation and management services. We have managed the Indo-US Financial Institutions and Expansion – Debt Component (FIRE-D) since its inception in 1994. The program is designed to institutionalize the delivery of commercially viable environmental infrastructure and services. TCGI was recently awarded another contract extension on the project until September, 2010

Financial Transactions.
We, however, are recognized in the field for our ability to deliver tangible results through completed financial/project transactions. We have leveraged more than US$4.2 billion in public and private sector investments in water and sanitation under the FIRE project. We have structured more than US$154 million in approved credit facilities for the USAID Development Credit Authority (DCA). We have facilitated more than US$180 million in American exports to Eastern Europe and Eurasia through the Ecolinks program. We measure our success through tangible results.

Program Evaluation & Monitoring.
In addition, we also offer program evaluation and monitoring services. We have managed the USAID DCA and Micro/Small Enterprise Development portfolio with more than US $500 million in loans under coverage. We provided comprehensive support in monitoring portfolio performance, maintaining loan portfolio records, and quantitative data analysis. This work complements our work in program evaluation. Other past assignments include: assessment and delivery of urban reforms in India, review of the urban governance programs, and assisting in Office of Management and Budget performance assessment rating tool exercises.

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