TCGI projects: Impacting our World

TCGI works around to create new opportunities, build stronger communities, and improve the quality of life for the world’s poorest peoples.

  • Planning Reconstruction of Bhuj, Gujurat, India
  • Philippines Water Revolving Fund (WRF)
  • Environmental Cooperation-Asia (ECO-Asia)
  • Good Urban Governance in South Asia (GUGSA)
  • Media Lending in Armenia – USAID Core Media Support Program
  • Partnership for Environmentally Sustainable Economies (EcoLinks)
  • Lebanon Municipal Finance Study Program
  • HUD Louisiana Permanent and Supportive Housing
  • Savannah (GA) Portfolio Re-Engineering and Financial Services
  • Technical Assistance to Little Rock Housing Authority
  • HOPE VI Master Planning Services
  • Norfolk (VA) Strategic Financial Planning Services
  • HUD Alternative Capital Fund Financing Program Technical Support
  • Design of Five-Year Local Governance Program for Colombia
  • USAID Water Finance Site
  • Post-Disaster Housing & Community Reconstruction Handbook
  • USAID Development Credit Authority
  • USAID Sustainable Urban Management IQC (SUM)
  • USAID DCA Support for Housing and Infrastructure