qut-01TCGI is a leading development consultancy in development finance. We are group committed to creating new opportunities, building
stronger communities, and improving the quality
of life for the world’s poorest peoples.qut-01

The TCGI Planning Approach

Traditional master planning is practiced throughout most of the developing world.  It cannot respond to rapidly expanding slums.  In the U.S. urban trends are different. Declining populations, vacant and abandoned houses and lack of opportunities plague distressed older U.S. communities. Still master planning is the wrong approach.


Our developing world and US planning experience raises money and engages partners.  As a result housing conditions and basic services improve.  Access to health, education, and improved household self-sufficiency create sustainable communities.


We engage for clients with place-based planning for policies, city development, capital investment, community upgrading and area development.  Stakeholder participation builds consensus and ensures successful project execution.