TCGI projects: Impacting our World
TCGI works around to create new opportunities, build stronger communities, and improve the quality of life for the world's poorest peoples.


  USAID DCA Support for Housing and Infrastructure
  Quick Response (QR)
  USAID Sustainable Urban Management IQC (SUM)
  DCA II -- Reprint of DCA Pamphlet
  DCA II -- Financial Viability Analysis
  DCA II -- Subsidy Re-estimates
  DCA II -- CMS Data Migration
  MSED Monitoring Analysis
  DCA II -- Guide to Best Practices &10-Step Guide to DCA
  DCA II -- DCA Monitoring
  DCA II -- DCA Operations Manual
  DCA II -- DCA Applicaiton Guide for Banks
  DCA II -- Presentations and Publications (orig. Portfolio Report)
  DCA III Omnibus Contract
  DCA III- DCA and MSED Monitoring
  DCA III- International Finance Fellowship
  USAID Development Credit Authority
  DCAO subtask: Briefing Book / Information Packet
  DCAO subtask: Brochure development (pamphlet)
  DCA II Omnibus Contract
  MSED Loan Monitoring Program
  QR sub task: USAID/G Energy Strategy
  QR Subtask: Finance Presentation for USAID
  QR Subtask: Evaluation of Resource Cities Program
  QR Subtask: Urban Profiles -- ANE, AFR, E&E
  "QR Subtask: ""Toward Eliminating Urban Poverty"" Seminar Series"
  QR Subtask: Office of Urban Programs Annual Report
  QR Subtask: Office of Urban Programs
  DCAO Subtask:Transition of MSED contract from PwC to TCGI
  DCAO Subtask:DCA Impact Paper
  DCAO Subtask: Economic Viablity Analysis -- Paraguay
  DCAO Subtask: DCA Summer Intern
  DCAO Subtask: DCA Legislative Communications Strategy & Microfinance Emergency Credit Facility Concept Paper
  DCAO Subtask: Clean Tech Econ./Fin. Analysis for LAC
  DCAO Subtask: Workshop Logistics
  DCAO Subtask: DCA Pamphlet Production
  DCAO Subtask: Portfolio Report
  DCAO Subtask: WWB/Colombia risk assessment
  DCAO Subtask: DCA Operations Manual & Final Review of Emergency Credit Facility
  DCAO Subtask: EEAF/Winrock Evaluation
  DCAO Subtask: R4 (Results Review & Resource Request) Documentation
  DCAO Sub Task: Short-term employment of Sean Jones
  Seminar on Real Estate Dev.
  DCA III- Communications & Publications
  DCA III- CMS data migration
  DCA III- CMS Communications (Wasserman)
  DCA III- Bank Tool Kit
  DCA III - Contractor Seminar
  DCA III - Year in Review Report
  DCA III - IG Audit Re-evaluation TO
  DCA III - Fact Sheets
  DCA III - EEAF Legal Advice
  DCA III - Mid Level Monitoring
  Decentralized Democratic Local Governance Program (DDLG)
  DCA III Strategy Paper
  Water IQC
  QR sub task order - ANE Decentralization Conference
  QR sub task order - Barcrlona Worldwide Forum
  QR sub task order - DCA Risk Assessment and Project Development Work
  DCA III Operations Manual Revision
  DCA III Poster for UN Conference
  DCA III - Subsidy Re-estimates
  DCA III - Municipal Finance Task Force
  USAID Development Credit Authority
  DCA IV Administrative Services
  Sibley GBTI - Global Business Trade and Investment (GBTI - II) Small Business
  Global Business Trade and Investment (CBTI - II) Large Business
  Assistance for IHC
  Making Cities Work Assessment and Implementation Tool Kit
  Sub-national Infrastructure Finance: World-wide GDAREVISED TO: Support Services to Evensen Dodge
  Quick Response (QR)
  Post-Disaster Housing & Community Reconstruction Handbook
  USAID Water Finance Site
  Sibley GBTI DCA TO -Mobile Banking
  Sibley GBTI DCA TO -2008 Year in Review