qut-01TCGI employs a diverse and talented staff driven by a common commitment to improving the livelihoods of the poorest communities and individuals. The group includes people from business, government, and nonprofit to form a well-balanced teamqut-01

TCGI Consulting Opportunities

TCG International regularly recruits talented individuals to work as associate consultants on both U.S. and overseas projects.  We maintain an active roster of consultants and have a proven system to match them with suitable opportunities.  Basic requirements include at least 5 to 10 years of project-specific experience in one or more of the sectors listed here, as well as a relevant graduate degree (Masters or higher).  If you are seeking international opportunities, work experience overseas is a must, and prior donor experience and foreign language skills are highly desirable.

If your profile fits the above and you have experience in the sectors described below, please email your CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sub-National Finance and Infrastructure
Experience with infrastructure finance including project structuring; debt transactions; municipal finance; credit enhancements such as partial credit guarantees including USAID Development Credit Authority; and intergovernmental transfers.  

Affordable Housing
Housing development experience including low-income housing tax credit transactions; public housing administration and other HUD funded programs, management and operations; urban planning; real estate marketing; and project financing in international and U.S. markets.  

Water Sector
Experience working with or for water companies/utilities and in depth knowledge of sector challenges; institutional development; financial structuring; public private partnership mechanisms; and operational management.

Local Economic Development, Enterprise Development
Expertise in strategic, regional and urban planning; endogenous growth theory; institutional development for business council, workforce development, redevelopment authority or related bodies; market analyst; microfinance and small-medium enterprise finance, including credit enhancements such as USAID Development Credit Authority; and project structuring.

Urban Planning and Design
Experience developing master plans and architectural concepts; land use, codes and zoning; smart growth and sustainable urbanism; affordable housing and inclusive economic development; new urbanism and revitalization; and slum-upgrading.

Community Development
Experience in social policy; participatory planning; community and supportive services; HUD funding mechanisms; and non-profit management and operations. 

Post-Disaster Reconstruction
Experience in any of the above sectors in post-disaster settings.