TCGI projects: Impacting our World
TCGI works around to create new opportunities, build stronger communities, and improve the quality of life for the world's poorest peoples.

North America

  Northwest (Rome) HOPE VI Technical Assistance Program Manager
  HUD Alternative Capital Fund Financing Program Technical Support
  Troubled/At Risk PHA IQC - multiple awards
  Norfolk (VA) Strategic Financial Planning Services
  HOPE VI Master Planning Services
  Technical Assistance to Little Rock Housing Authority
  Arlington County Cooperative Housing Program Recommendation
  Fayetteville Master Planning HOPE VI 2007
  Carr Square Cooperative
  Baltimore Section 8 Project-Based Voucher Mobility Assistance
  Richmond VA Housing Authority
  Granite City (IL) Housing Authority - Comprehensive Capital Investment Planning Services
  Atlanta Housing Authority: Comprehensive Program Management and Staff Augmentation Support
  Program Analysis, Support Services and Technical Assistance for the Office of Policy, Program and Legislative Initiatives (OPPLI)
  Fayettville Transition to Implementation Support
  Northwest (Rome, GA) HA HOPE VI Planning
  Madison (WI) HOPE VI 2010 Application
  Granite City (IL) HOPE VI master planning
  Savannah (GA) Portfolio Re-Engineering and Financial Services
  Wilson (NC) Feasibility Assessment
  Low Income Housing Tax Credit Project
  Chesapeake Housing Authority Capital investment Plan
  HUD Louisiana Permanent and Supportive Housing
  Wilson NC HOPE VI Master Planning
  Little Rock AR Stimulus Support
  Support to NWGHA for CFRC and NSP 2
  PNA Workshop
  Pueblo CO Hope VI Proposal for 2010
  Douglas OK Housing Authority - Technical Support