TCGI projects: Impacting our World
TCGI works around to create new opportunities, build stronger communities, and improve the quality of life for the world's poorest peoples.


  Indo-US Financial Institutions Reform & Expansion (FIRE-D)
  Capacity Building for Urban Infrastructure Management (CBUIM)
  Assesment of Water Sanitation Delivery in India
  QR sub task: AIWPS Study Tour
  DCA II -- India/ Sri Lanka TDY
  DCA II -- Mission Support for ANE
  QR Subtask: POTUS water Initiative
  Good Urban Governance in South Asia (GUGSA)
  DCAO Subtask:MSED Response to India Earthquake
  DCAO SubTask: Russia
  DCAO Sub Task: Credit Risk Assessments (3) - India
  Assessment of Urban Service Delivery in India
  DCA III Water Initiative
  DCA III - Philippines Water TDY (JBIC Collaboration)
  DCA III - Kyrgystan Project Development
  Manila Workshop
  Indonesia Water Financing RI
  Environmental Cooperation-Asia (ECO-Asia)
  GUGSA - Phase II Tsunami
  Philippines Water Revolving Fund (WRF)
  QR sub task order - Kuchpura Sanitation Plan for Mughal Heritage Walk
  USDIA DCA Task Order to Operationalize Phiippines Water Revolving Fund
  Water IQC: Blue Revolution
  Planning Reconstruction of Bhuj, Gujurat, India