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The TCGI Project Management Approach

Our approach to managing projects are guided by five principles  -  Identify, Design, Execute, Assess, and Learn.  We have developed this systematic approach through years of government contracting and private consulting work:


Identify the issue/problem. As the first step of any project, we work with senior management and stakeholders to assist the organization in assessing its current position relative to its vision and goals.  Analyzing and understanding the gap between the vision and the current position allows us to diagnose the underlying problem(s). Further, we assist the client in prioritizing the issues and selecting the critical ones to be addressed by corrective actions developed at the design stage.


Design an appropriate solution. Based on our assessment and input from stakeholders, we will design an appropriate solution with the objective to maximize impact in the most cost-effective way. Further, we also act as a facilitator to build consensus and support for the action steps among stakeholders.  Our experience suggests that great solutions alone are not enough to solve problems; we need the support of all stakeholders.


Execute the solution. We recognize that the success of any project depends to a great extent on execution.It is also one of the most difficult stages to do correctly. We base our execution on the consensus built in the design stage. In executing projects, we maintain a clear focus on the deliverables, while ensuring communication throughout the process and building the client\'s capacity to ensure the sustainability of results.


Assess the project. Throughout and after the implementation process, we pursue rigorous internal assessments of our projects to see how we can better adjust our strategy and solution to fit our ever changing environment. Real-time monitoring and assessment also allows us to course-correct, if and when necessary. We constantly look for ways to optimize our impact and exceed the expectations of our clients.


Learn from our experience. We believe our organization and our clients benefit when we learn from our project experience and share those lessons. We document our work and its outcome, and search for innovative ways to apply the past lessons for the benefit of our current and future clients. In addition, we welcome fresh insights into our work and promote, where possible, external analysis and evaluations of our projects.