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The TCGI Disaster Reconstruction Approach

Numerous risks affect the development of cities and localities, but few are more far-reaching than those associated with vulnerability to disasters. Disaster risk management measures include policies and plans; preventative and adaptive investments; and local capacity building, all of which local governments should incorporate in local development plans and in urban management practices.


Our approach helps cities and towns worldwide make and implement decisions that reduce and prevent disaster impacts.  This is particularly important in localities where vulnerability to hazards is increasing due to climate change.  We assist cities with prioritizing disaster risk reduction measures and identifying those with both immediate and long-term economic or quality of life benefits for residents. Physical investments such asretaining walls or storm water management systems, and operational improvements such as better building codes and solid waste management practices, are examples of measures that both reduce disaster impacts and improve the urban environment in the short term.


We help clients apply planning, project identification, and financing to improve local disaster resilience. After a disaster, TCGI will coordinate participatory planning for housing and community reconstruction and manage reconstruction to ensure transparency and the effective use of both donor and government resources.