qut-01TCGI is a leading development consultancy in development finance. We are group committed to creating new opportunities, building
stronger communities, and improving the quality
of life for the world’s poorest peoples.qut-01

The TCGI Development Finance Approach

Concessionary loans and grants from donors and governments is the norm throughout the developing world. Living conditions are improved for some.  Still hundreds of millions are left behind as demand for resources outpace supply.  In the U.S. the opposite is true.  Well-developed credit markets provide sufficient funding.  Affordable housing and community upgrading requires access to scare, highly competitive concessionary loans and grants.

Our developing country finance approach helps clients to:

  • Generate a renewable supply of indigenous loan resources.
  • Reduce the amount of grant funds needed for each project.

Our U.S. finance approach helps clients to:

  • Secure grants & concessionary loans to increase the number of families with access to affordable housing.
  • Create healthy mixed-income communities.


Housing, community upgrading, municipal projects such as schools, and infrastructure such as water and sanitation are capital intensive.  Our approach blends market rate loans with concessionary loans and grant funds.  Projects are financial viable due to affordable debt repayment terms and conditions.  We help replicate viable financial models by creating incentives to operate within a culture of pay as you go.

Our practice includes assisting clients to utilize micro finance.  This creates jobs, improves businesses, and increases trade and agriculture finance.  We help clients raise indigenous capital through bond issues.  Our finance skills include pooled finance, which aggregates smaller projects into one large bond.  We assist with co-guarantees such as USAID’s Development Credit Authority, to finance bankable projects where locallenders have limited or no experience.